Thursday, May 12, 2016

accidentally taking a break from this blog

Homelessness ain't conducive to regularized blogging.

How fares our grand experiment? How am I? How are we?

Here is where we're at:

When I asked Olan (our 2.5 year old) if he was happy yesterday, he said, "Yah!" 

It was so much more than that, though:

He said yes with a tone implying any other response was ludicrous. We are doing well by him at the very least.

My pain ebbs and ebbs, waxing overfull. 

Sharaya remains particularly pregnant.

We continue to be homeless in/near/around Portland.

I can't look for work. I can barely function.

I limp. I wince my way through a world of uncertainty; only pain, sadness, Sharaya, and Olan are constants.

We could use some help.

Ways you could help, maybe:

patreon for this blog : CLICK HERE!
you can buy this book I wrote: CLICK HERE!
you can donate via this fundraiser: CLICK HERE! 

or donate directly via paypal: punkrocumentary at gmail dot com
(We're drastically overdrawn, so paypal is the most direct way to help us.)

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