Saturday, April 2, 2016

Agency File 6.0061

Diary of [Redacted],

Bird song is beautiful until you understand it.

It becomes violent cries of territory and demands for sex. What once was beautiful will forever be tainted by immutable knowledge.

Such terrible knowledge.

Still, I wished to know more.

From Bohr and Einstein, I turned towards Paracelsus and Pythagoras. I found the hidden pattern in [Redacted]  and [Redacted].

The sun hates. The stars are filled with laughter from this joke of creation.

Now I know. I KNOW.

Formulaically it can be expressed as Redacted] .[Redacted] = [Redacted]

I know now. I know NOTHING.

The truth is a bitter pill, but still, I seek it.

Know that your your source has been outed and processed. Soon you will be as well.

First, however, you will suffer. The Agency cannot tolerate such a breach.

On a personal note, please do run. It has been ages since I've tasted  compelling prey. 

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