Thursday, March 3, 2016

“the omnicorn”

 from Ferdinand’s Folk Verses

Where does the Omnicorn live?
Perchance, could you show me the place?
How many stung dead and trampled?
Did you look dreadnaught in the face?

How many tribes have toppled?
How many kingdoms cut down?
How many parents were crippled?
How many societies drown’d?

The mad horse wracks wild with questions,
Demands answers and blood in return.
Dead slave. Dead master. Wrecked vestments.
Horned crown of Freedom blood-burn’d.

How free in the sky, A bird is?
Chained to wing, flying free is
No better than the rule of
a feath’ry crown?

Also, there is a really kick ass picture of the Omnicorn NOT drawn by me!
(psst, it's drawn by +Matthew Adams !)

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