Wednesday, March 30, 2016

journal entry 3/29/16

what I saw today:
Concrete steps into the river deep.
So many flowers in bloom.

The flowers are yellow eyeseyes, it knows.. shift shitf HELP!
[̺͆Є̺̺͆͆V̺̺͆͆Ī̺̺͆͆Ŀ̺̺͆͆ ̺̺͆͆ƚ̺̺͆͆Ø̺̺͆͆И̺̺͆͆ ̺̺͆͆$̺̺͆͆Є̺̺͆͆Ø̺̺͆͆Ð̺̺͆͆ ̺̺͆͆ƚ̺̺͆͆Ī̺̺͆͆ ̺̺͆͆$̺̺͆͆Ц̺̺͆͆ ̺̺͆͆Ǥ̺̺͆͆И̺̺͆͆Ø̺̺͆͆♏̺̺͆͆A̺̺͆͆ ̺̺͆͆$̺̺͆͆Ī̺̺͆͆ ̺̺͆͆ƚ̺̺͆͆Ī̺̺͆͆ ̺̺͆͆Ħ̺̺͆͆Ǥ̺̺͆͆Ц̺̺͆͆Ø̺̺͆͆Ħ̺̺͆͆ƚ̺͆]
do not help there is no hope

Surprising yellow flowers on thin holly bushes.
A girl with blue hair vigorously assigning handicaps in a footrace of varying age groups.
Kindness in strangers.
Sweet exhaustion turning sour in my knees.

And a world of waking trees.

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