Monday, February 8, 2016

remembering to laugh

(How I discovered I was, in fact, old.)
Involuntary exclamation of joy, "Oh Fuck Yeah! Diet Squirt!"

(Everyday is magical.)
"And then like some shitty, hobo magician I pulled a dirty sock out of my vest pocket."

(Everyday is ridiculous.)
"It's really the Oregon legislature's fault..." In reference to my reawakened love of poptarts.

A related matter: "So there I was, in 7-11, pants falling down, armload of candy, dropping everything left and right, like some cartoonish caricature..."

"It seriously only occurred to me yesterday that shitting in box in to further my vengeful scheme was a fucking weird thing to do."
(This was in reference to something I did more than a decade ago. As a warning, DO NOT fuck up my bowling ball.)



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