Monday, February 22, 2016

rage, vanity, motions of probability

Irregular glowing attacks had become the worst part of the condition. Even the growing discomfort seemed trivial.

Ziniel furiously read, meticulously noted, carefully calculated, and vociferously swore in equal measure all day. However, assuming a continuation of then present trends, vicious oaths would quickly outpace the rest.

Of all the godsdamned things, starpox.

All of a sudden he sprung backwards. A small beacon of blinding light had bubbled up from the back of Ziniel’s tawny hand. In process, his quill was snapped, an abacus overturned, and his mathematics ruined.

Another infinitesimal piece of himself disappeared. Ziniel desperately searched about his cluttered table for another pen.

It had to be the godsdamned starpox, “the beautiful ending”. Godsdamned vain bastards.
Starpox was not so fast as to frighten, but not so slow as to be easily fought. Calm pacing for one resigned to die well sooner.

A spark of pain shot through his nostril as light boiled out from every pore and orifice on Ziniel’s face. Blinded by the blue-red after image, the young sorcerer screamed until his throat choked in frustration.

His eyes ceased blinking and sprung wide. He had felt that one, fully. Significant pieces of him were beginning to effervesce into light. Spiraling orbs of once living flesh beamed overhead in elegant waves.

The sorcerer spat out his most blasphemous oaths. Wild spontaneous curses sprung out of thin air and flew towards imprecise targets. Nearby candles dimmed and smoked like terrible engines.
Orbs of violent light streaked painfully away from him. He drew static-electric dry air across his carbonizing tongue, to hoarsely whisper some final syllables of vengeance.

In that instant, Ziniel and the lights above disappeared.

Spreading outward in haphazard oscillating waves of unlikely probability. All his angry matter raced, non-Euclidean, across the hateful world. Coalescent in the Palace of Beautiful Princes, all that had been Ziniel converted directly into energy.

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