Tuesday, February 2, 2016

a world without answers

But why does it exist this way? None remember otherwise so why then do we all think it strange?

Why do maggots literally generate from rotting flesh?

Why do all birds steal secrets? Beware their spring singings, each is a secret you may not wish to give or know…

Why do curses sometimes kill widows? Why do white lies empower the dreaded White King?

Why does the wind whisper lies in spring and truth in winter? Could we all simply not hear it before?

Are we further attuned or more deeply deluded?

Why do goblins hold their markets at dusk? Why can none find their fields, their burrows, any trace of them come noon?

Where does the Sun go when it hides late in winter? And why do the moons seem so pleased?

Why do the stars only sing when you’re alone? How can the stars sing at all? Void is the death of sound…

Why do we all have the dead dreaming? How is that only second sons and first daughters may see through dead men’s eyes?

How can one lose a shadow? Where does it wander when we drink?

What makes the lefthand path always shortest? What makes the righthand path less calamitous?

When, oh when will we remember?!

How can we hope to understand?


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