Tuesday, February 16, 2016

pony noir | part ten : a sudden storm

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It wasn’t a long jump, even on old bones. Hardy took it in stride, but the colt was fucking folly incarnate.

Lightning struck.

Kid slipped, fell short, and cracked his skull before taking a cold dip in the angry ocean. Only by a miracle succession of lightning strikes did Hardy manage to pull the pale pony out from a wine-dark sea. Nearly lost a tooth for his trouble.

Still, damn kid had a swollen mound of trouble just above his eyes, lacerated and weeping blood too. With a tired snort and a bit of effort the stallion got Two-teeth onto his back before galloping away. 

The sullen glow of fire-light burned steamed in the sudden rain on his right so Hardy booked it headlong and half blind to his left. Lightning and luck conspired to hide the ravine until the two of ‘em were tumbling headlong into the muddy bottom.

As he fought to regain his breath, a deep red unicorn appeared in a fiery flash.

“Horseshit…” Hardy managed to cough out before spinning ‘round to kick the smirk off her mouth.

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