Tuesday, February 9, 2016

living, vital, branching pain

Pain remembers, even if you do not.

A living line of energy spiking through moments in time, branching ad infinitum, pain may stay, but never be still. Asexual reproduction sows the seed well enough, but gods help those who live through otherwise.

Pain variegates inventively but remember, there is only one pain. It all draws back to that selfsame moment of birth and blood and screaming, repeated, universal, and unique.

Pain would take great pleasure in its work if it could.

But this would be like a raindrop loving the earth or the long flow of water enjoying canyon erosion. Erosion and blind force know no eros. Make no mistake, pain is blind self-replicating force.

It may seem to seek you, but know, it is merely happenstance that you  meet.

Pain will endure long past your ability to experience it...

I know not whether this is a comfort or a burden.

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