Wednesday, January 27, 2016

pony noir | part nine : narration

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So how come Hardy gets a narrator, and Stony tells her own tale? 

We’ll isn’t nopony that was gonna tell Stony’s story but her, and Hardy wouldn’t believe he had a story to tell anyways. Point being, you’re saddled with me again, everypony.

Hardy awoke to the smell of blood, buckets of the stuff. Not everypony knows that smell, but the old bruiser sure as Celestia knew it. Rough mooring ropes cinched tight against all four of his legs.

After a few reckless minutes, the stallion figured out his bones would break before the line. He quit fighting and suffered through some thinking. 

First he noted the kid wasn’t with him. 

Then a seasick stomach and rough dip aft (maybe fore) clued him he was on a boat. 

Moonlight filtering through a the open top half of a door, along with the fact he wasn’t too thirsty, and didn’t seem to have pissed himself, told him it was probably the same night.

There was something wrong with the stink of all that blood. Hardy decided it couldn’t’ve come from the kid. (Hardy’s always been a bit secretly optimistic.)

Then the bottom door flung open revealing the ghostly outline of Two-teeth. The kid quickly slipped in a puddle of blood, crashing into Hardy. From there it turned into a gory slap-stick number until the big stallion finally got untied.

“It killed them all! We’ve got to run!”

“Woah, there pony-boy, can’t run in the water.”

“We, we crashed into a dock…”

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