Friday, December 18, 2015

all kinds of tired

“There’s all kind’s a tired a fella’s gonna get in a lifetime, kid. 

“Seeing the blush of dawn next to some pretty young blushing guy or gal, watching that blush go all the way down, that’s a fine kind of tired, kid.

“Sometimes it just hurts, it’s heavy, and ain’t no grin to be got. Slodging through something ya hate, sometimes for years. That kind of tired ain’t no good, but it’s pretty damned common.

“Sometimes ya might hurt, in a bright kind of pain. The kind where ya pushed past and done something good. Catch yer breath, smile, and crash. Rough mornings but you’ll still probably grin, kid.

“Sometimes it long overdue, outstretched. Sometimes it’s quick, hits ya like a right cross from behind. 

“The fire in yer belly runs out, the coffee quits, or the thrill drops dead.

“But the kind yer gonna live with tomorrow, kid, that ain’t no kinda good. It’ll be like all of the tired of yer whole damn life, dropping in all at once. Painful, quick, sharp, drawn-out, dry, feverish, angry.

“Thing is you won’t get no sleep, kid. Don’t matter, that thing ya did a few minutes ago, well, won’t be undone for a spell yet. 

“Try to remember ain’t no tired lasts forever. Make sure you only turn that cycle once, kid. You hop on the carousel, you'll die of tired.”

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