Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Airing of Grievances.

Fesitivus, For the
Rest of Us, is upon us.
Air those grievances.

Things I don't like about Portland:

  • Full service gas stations, that's a human interaction I could do without. Plus it just straight up takes longer.
  • We can now control the weather. When we go to switch the van from hobo-sleep to hobo-go (which involves moving things in the elements), rain will begin (or more likely just get heavier). When we're finished, it stops (lessens, really).
  • There are so many stores for dogs.
  • Trying to park anywhere near Portland.
  • There are roundabouts for some fucking reason.
  • Streets are not allowed to be straight for more than a single block. It's like trying to navigate in some non-Euclidean world where right angles don't exist.
  • Other things, probably, but I can't be assed to remember.
Last year's Festivus Celebration. 

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