Tuesday, December 8, 2015

accomplishments on the road

  • Someone had carved a swastika onto a washroom stall, I circled it and crossed it out. Like the ghostbusters logo, but fuck you nazi instead.
  • I have improvised many excellent meals. The aforementioned calamari, couscous with chicken sausage, turkey carrot ginger chili (yay Thanksgiving).
  • I built a fire (which I haven't done in a while) using only natural materials. Sad to say, it took two flicks of the bic to get going... rusty. Fucking burnt-ass hotdogs followed. If there's not a good char, there is no point in cooking with wood-fire.
  • Walked down an unlit murdery pedestrian underpass, without being murdered.
  • Jumped around on desert rocks, while technically trespassing, in winds severe enough to trip me.
  • Sex.
  • Got the van from hobo-sleep mode to hobo-drive mode single-handedly in winds severe enough to rip my rainpants to shreds.
  • Drank deeply of the sea's beauty.
  • Was reminded why I hate weed, but still managed layout my book. (It just slows me down, which feeds into depression, then amps my anxiousness up to 11.)
  • Watched Olan play in the ocean and finally get to enjoy a cupcake. Egg allergies are a bitch.
  • Stayed up way too late reading T. S. Elliot after a weird interaction with an aggressive beggar. The Wasteland does not aid in cases of anxiety and sleep deprived paranoia.
  • I've worn girl pants for like a third of the trip, and have learned to live w/o pants pockets. I totally lost my pocketknife from either my vest or my purse, though. So I've been carrying around a big ass sheath knife as needed.
  • I've also worn that raggedy ass nipple-riffic misfits shirt for like 1/4 of the trip.
  • Accrued significant amounts of credit card debt.
  • Published a book.
  • Drawn strange looks because I tend to say howdy. A long time ago, I said it often with a heavy dose of irony. The irony died. Same thing happened with obvi and amazeballs more recently.
  • Been living in a van, down by the river!

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