Friday, November 27, 2015

rock in my chest, void in my gut

broken, twisting wind up clock
ticking, twisting into knots

numb pain, succumb
done, done, done

panic, quiet, slow, deliberate
incidental, that horrid, horrid shade of yellow

car carrying away, away

the walls would be the color of my shame, my shame

the time I ran,
twice damned,
twice damned

broken clock, tick-tock stop
winding spring without release
will it cease?

could I cry,
should I break into torrents?

how could I?
the well is dry

central nervous depressant
serotonin failing
GABA flooding or falling away,
I forget

forget remembering
tension only
hopeless lesions
unlearned lessons

they are outside
I hear their cars and voices

I hate them and my swollen choices

sudden thunderous voices,
boisterous, gregarious, disgust disgust

I could shift it all to rage, I know the trick

wear justice like a sophist mask
attack, attack, attack

I don't need to be that, that
which was but barely there,
a booming voice fade through night air

a sudden exit, smiling in the dark.

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