Thursday, November 5, 2015

rambling, lines, echoes, and arcs

slow spins, subtle shifts, the gyre
turning, twisting entropic rends
always spins, unforgiving clock
winding deep beneath, drawn down
and in the earth you drown, drown, drown
long, unthinking forces press against
in waves, in tides, all spiral bound
echoing, encircling all around

fight the tides, free the sweep
pulling strings in cage of meat
astound, abound, mark straight the line

oh it will shatter, circle the square in unforgiving time,
but for that half half half of a half cosmic breath,
the earth may bare a man’s mark still yet

this speck of dust,  in void foment,
be adorned, be adorned, with human filaments

anthropic flashes, more likely, will make scarce a sound
spinning, spinning, bound we are bound

still yet we have sight, may we mark well our hours
draw lines, make rows, and smile at sunflowers
caught in their arc, ever turning their face
we may bask in the sun, or drink in the shade

though in less than a blink all men wink away

each breath, is one step, towards Heat Death
even the cosmos will die

but smile for you have seen
or laugh for you have heard
or sweet sigh for honeysuckle
fragrant on spring nights

the gyre will turn, but women and men
may press into it before we end

like rippling stones, dropped in raging waters
the stream is changed, never the same
but still it flows to the sea

though small, human actions, 
both beauty and horror, will echo unto that end.


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