Monday, October 26, 2015


The silence trickled in like light rain, throughout the long night. Slowly, quiet and snow overcame all things. The last mortal breath froze piteous beneath still air. Even the wind did die.

The wicked gods rejoiced, for their mistakes had been undone. Long schemes had wormed and won. Most had met an end, but not before they birthed one.

Kind gods, if living, sighed and counted the end as kindness. White and pure the quiet, sunless sweep, hidden horrors buried underneath.

Only Loki was malcontent, as ever.  

Outwitting death, he walked the dark reaches. Loki found the lonely wretched glow of his wolfish son’s decay. Buried below soft fallen snow, still did it shit half-digested sun-fire.

Loki smiled. Loki frowned.

Gathered he then the holy fire and with it called many winds. Thus did Loki awaken the world.

Though, the world would likely chain him again.


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