Monday, October 5, 2015

another dialogue between a box and a pointy box

[o] = That's Insane.

{x} = Possibly.

[o] = It's dangerous too.

{x} = Living always is. In fact, it's 100% fatal. The thing is very few folks try really living. Most, or at least many, seem just to be waiting to die. 

[o] = It seems a bit unfair to dismiss the possibility of another's goals having value. That their valuations are less than yours. That their valuations aren't actual valuations.

{x} = Restated: Most appear to simply be waiting to die, as comfortably as possible.

[o] = That seems wretchedly accurate.

{x} = ...

[o] = Still though, is there no value in a median course?

{x} = Depends on the poles, obvi... 

[o] = *sighs*

{x} = Let's look at it this way. I do not have the means to get what I want from where I stand, to be happy in this exact placement. 

[o] = I'm with you... for now.

{x} = So I'm going to stop standing, and I'm going to, at least temporarily, have and desire much less. I'm seeking a new situation. I will not stand but move; I'll keep looking 'til I find a place where my dreams seem possible. 

I am finished with compromise. I am through trading joy for security, desire for comfort. I'll create what I want or I'll learn to love the spaces in between.

[o] = You may come to regret this. It could be a huge mistake.

{x} = That's an empty and superfluous thing to say. That is the very nature of choice.

[o] = True, but you know this carries with it greater risk?

{x} = What the fuck did I just say about security, comfort, and compromise?

[o] = Fuck. This is really happening, isn't it? 

{x} = Abso-goddamned-lutely.

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