Thursday, September 10, 2015

every day

bitter pill, swallowed
quiet, choking, dulled. bright pain
slide away, not far:

becomes a nimbus
of light. sad flame burn away
goodwill, glad tidings.

[blog news: I'm taking next week off to work on other projects and deal with some unfortunate life stuff. Actually, I'm taking tomorrow and next week off to do the abovementioned. I'll be back on the 21st, hopefully refreshed and ready to write something less depressing. Or maybe MORE depressing, who knows... perhaps there are depths of tragedy I've yet to plumb.]

[Also, I'm editing the very last piece of the Fictives blog-anthology-with-new-stuff-too book. Layout will probably commence in earnest, next week-ish.]

[If you like the RPG blog, there'll probably be something to tide you over until this sadness+adventure factory resumes operations.]

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