Wednesday, August 12, 2015

the wall | part 1

He felt loose and dangerous. Steaming breath gave way to cigarette smoke as he limped down the decrepit alleyway. Crumbled buildings gaped like rotten teeth, drained of color. Time had long since chewed through the pavement; patches of brittle grass rustled ceaselessly in the reflected wind. The monochrome scene lit on by moonlight glinting against the massive dome.

Rickart kept his city-eyes wary, always scanning the horizon for threats from a fog that wasn’t there. On the outside, night air blew raw, uncontrolled, free. He tried to imagine the newly liberated life that awaited him, outside the dome. It helped to quell the bittersweet tension burning through his guts.

Though the cold had begun to attack his skin, Rickart smiled.

The weather was honest at least. When it came time to light another smoke, he cursed the honest wind.

If Rickart had known how to look, he’d have seen all that followed him in the wild outside.


  1. It's hard for me to just jump straight into an untold story, so I just use context clues as best I can. What I gathered was this man is thankful to be leaving the dome, he's feeling loose and dangerous...but the last line. What happens next? Oh lol that's right this is part one...and the wall too, interesting. Probably only to me at this point. I can be cryptic too ya know :p