Thursday, August 20, 2015


Elementalism harrows and takes toll beyond the price of any other path to power. To earn power over stone, one must be fully subsumed in it. The same is true for fire, water, and wind. The process remains brutally literal.

Pyromancers self-immolate. Geomancers have been crushed beneath rockslides or buried alive. All hydromancers have drowned. Cruelest, slowest, and rarest of all, aeromancers strip naked to the sky and cold wind. There they slowly succumb to exposure.

Those few willing students typically are taught to cast all doubts from their minds, that only pure surety can save them.

These are lies. Surety can be burnt, crushed, washed free, and carried away on the wind. It is that nagging kernel of doubt which keeps the wizard living.

Too much doubt and there can be no apotheosis. Too little doubt, and one adds only fuel to the elemental conflagration which surrounds and consumes.

But, when all that is left is that perfect scarred seed of unsurety, from that tiny piece will grow the

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