Monday, July 20, 2015

the cult’s newest recruits

Geoffrey Dwindle walks with a bit of a limp; squinting eyes on his feet. His gangling form bends beneath too many jackets.

William Westin smiles wanly, almost always, belying tight and nervous eyes. He diffidently nods and never speaks.

Arthur Robin smells of whiskey and ends every sentence with a wink. He tends to touch those he traps in conversation.

Amanda Smythe glides quietly in the wake of her ponderous father. Her hands are always hidden.

Liz Jennings spits often and runs as wild as she pleases. Though, none could say what she pleases as Elizabeth keeps no company.

The Widow Gwendolyn Wallace is a stuttering fountain of inane chatter. She is almost never to be found at her lonely country abode; instead, she endlessly invents business about town.

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