Thursday, July 23, 2015

suncatch pass | part 1

“I reckoned on brandy but I s’pose rum’ll do well enough. Might need a peck more though…

“You’re a’wanting to know about the Suncatch? Not a wise road, Master, but it’s your piece of eight.

“Well now, that bottle’s seen the inside of a barrel…”

The one-eyed old coot sighed. A satisfied grin slowly bent deep wrinkles all across his weathered mug.

“I s’pose you’ll be wanting me to get on with it.

“As you please, travel west of Bonedust as far as the ridges’ll let ya. The lay of the land ought to put you south enough to find it.

“Well Master, you’ll find a ridge, too level and too sharp, running too close to true north. Dead center of the long black rock knife’s edge, you’ll see a ragged notch busted out.” 

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