Tuesday, July 14, 2015

D. & A.

In the sweet green grass he hid. The summer sun shone diffuse and inescapable. Wet, heavy air superheated like some strangling blanket. Sweat rolled off his brow in unrelenting waves, stinging his heavy eyes. Still though, he would not so much as dare to blink.

He should have smelled the rich loam, broken beneath his feat. He should have heard his snuffling hounds. He should have felt his shaking limbs and the spear loose in his fist. He should have known much, but he knew only her.

She smelled like sun-kissed flesh and long awaited revelation. Her every graceful movement became a symphony of water’s tinkling song. Her skin gleamed like living bronze; dappled shining forest beams eagerly raced to rebound from the perfect arcs of her splendid being.


She saw him there even before he began to drink her beauty. The nectar within her unnecessary stomach soured. She smiled despite this and continued with the carefree seeming of her playful bath.

She poured cool crystal waters across herself, in the seething midday sun. She languorously cleansed every part of her. She giggled like a ringing bell at the antics of the nearby nymphs.

However, heat meant nothing and dirt would not dare to touch her exquisite skin. The laughter, at least, was genuine.

Then she grimaced and could feel his sudden fear swell past his present awe-struck lust.

It was time. She was constrained; tied to a narrative against her true nature.

She was a symbol unattainable.

The nymphs screeched unwitting and played their simple part.

The body of a beast was no place for the mind of a man. She sent the hounds to rend his now-dappled neck; it was the only kindness she could offer, trapped within her role.

The stag screamed like a man. Diana sighed.

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