Monday, July 27, 2015

armor | part 1

[A quick note: read this link {click here} and this link {click here}, first to get the most out of this one]

Softmen were incautious with their stink, unaware of the wind. Ar-tuk had hard-learned how to smile in daylight, but he would never unlearn caution.

Two softmen crept up the sun dappled mountain beach, with soft footfalls they believed stealthy. Ar-tuk absently pressed the pad of his thumb into the sharp point of his tusks while Sel-tuk gathered the children in silence. She could smell as well as him.

He smiled at the children before they descended from sight; Sel-tuk gave him a halfhearted grin before following.

He tried to reassure her with a toothsome smile. He was certain his eyes had betrayed him in this.

No matter, all would be well. Sel-tuk was wiser and fiercer than him; she could keep them safe, even in daylight. His children would know laughter and bright skies. He armored himself in this thought. With a sigh Ar-tuk snatched his last tattered spear from the branches of a nearby tree..

Ar-tuk gave no restraint to his steps. Still, above his own cacophony he heard the many missteps of the softmen. Above all Ar-tuk could smell the foul odor of wine upon them.

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