Friday, June 19, 2015

sleepy free association

Fractured stilted without, without without
Slip slide, painful through,
Heavy tight chest, awake awake break,
Shallow lung and disjointed thoughts…
Falter. Verily, yea.
Bleary, shifting vision.
Verily, yea.
Awake awake beyond.
Bubbling numb. Sighing softly, slightly, still.
Disjointed lazy lacking and frantic.
Too. Punctuated. Truncated, through me.
Cool, quiet, crazed.
Dull doldrum mazed.
“Thy skin changes country and colour,
And shrivels or swells to a snake’s.
Let it brighten and bloat and grow duller,
We know it the flames and the flakes.
Red brands on it smitten and bitten,
Round skies where a star is a stain,
And the leaves with thy litanies written,
Our Lady of Pain.”

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