Wednesday, June 24, 2015

secret joy | part 1

“The mines are murderous rough and the world is murderous tough, but still… Could ya see in the dark, stink of our sleeping place, you’d see a smile split ‘cross my face.

“Ya, I toil for the Yellow King, slick little bastard. Came here together we did. Not my idea.

“I used to scrub shitters and mop floors for too many hours. (Actually, a slave in the sulfur mines ain’t too far off from Custodian.) Anyways, that other shit did some kinda some damn thing with quantums.

“There we was. He talked real fucking fast, got them long yellow bastards on his side, found me in-con-venient, ditched me to digging lighter yellow bullshit outta darker yellow bullshit.

“So naturally I stole a shovel - them fucking giants is way too trusting and none too bright – and starting digging to get to… well somewhere the fuck not in the sulfur pits.

“Anyways… shit they’re coming. Look Busy.”

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