Tuesday, May 5, 2015

why the chicken cannot truly fly

When Old Chicken was yet Jungle Bird, she flew through the heavy air. She made her home in the trees and slept safe. When fierce jungle things or wily men threw dart or claw, she fluttered through wet air and landed safe amongst the trees.

By the coming of Men, Watching Squirrel had had many children. They spread wide through the world, hording all they could. Ever were the squirrels wary of Winter.

One day, Watching Squirrel’s cleverest Daughter saw Jungle Bird fly flee from hungry men and huge fat cats in the same shadowed afternoon. Squirrel’s Daughter watched and watched, always patient; she spied for years until she could see the secret of flight.

Only then, did she slip up to the Old Roost. Most foul, the squirrel stole a piece of flight while Jungle Bird yet slept.

Squirrel’s Clever Daughter had fouled the theft and only could glide. Still though, she rode the winds to new places and crossed wide seas.

Jungle bird awoke as the near flightless Old Chicken. Stories say she struck fast bargains with strange magics and hungry men, and stills roosts with us today. We protect her yet, and she still feeds us on hidden gold.

But how was it she hid gold inside her egg?

That is another story for another time.

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