Wednesday, May 13, 2015

sanguine blush

He was flushed and chattering again. It was just like in speech class; he kept reminding himself to slow it down.

Jeffery could smile. He could modulate his voice. He could annunciate and project even as he babbled. He could take that turgid, knotting tension below his lungs and carefully release its electric energy. He could do all that, and he was. Jeffery transformed his nervous enervation into a reserve of seeming calm.

Though, he couldn’t control hot, sanguine blush creeping across his skin, and he simply had to live with the unbidden sweat beading on his brow.

He had no idea what to do so all he did was try to seem otherwise. He never had any idea what to do. Subtle shifts in demeanor and common gossip were beyond his grasp. The ever-shifting alliances of high school proved a labyrinth to which he had no thread. Jeffery never knew what anyone was about. Almost every action of his fellow man came as surprise to him.

He’d stopped talking again. He fought to keep his jaw slack. He forced a devil-may-care grin onto his face and unclenched his rigid jaw. His foot tapped and twisted in the loose forest loam, beyond his notice or control. She was just so pretty.

She was beyond pretty; the perfect oval of her polished face promised such healthsome fecundity. Her voice sang like the wind song on branches. He eyes sparkled like a slow burning match. Her lips seemed so ripe he got lost in them.

When he realized how long he’d been staring, prickling flames of embarrassment danced across his stomach. He stammered and nearly ran away.

“Calm yourself, mortal” sang the silver bells voice of the tree spirit. “We have much time, yet.”

A soft, heartwood-red hand slipped out from under the oak tree’s living bark. She gently touched her fingertips to his cheeks.

“Perhaps we could begin with a kiss?” she sang.

The knot in his chest exploded into forward motion. He sank fiercely into her arms and met her, melting. In mere moments he had pressed into the tree completely; he was now wholly hers.

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