Thursday, May 7, 2015

dust on dead rose petals

Barren and widespread, soft sands of granite pink and basaltic black spread all the way to the smoke-and-rose horizon. Limp winds and sad gravity slowly worked their lackluster entropy. Rare and ragged boulders merely foiled the wide monotony of the endless pink desert.

The lacking gravity felt countered by the weight of that dead, empty space as she plodded ahead in profound solitude. Her only companions were the sound of recycled air blowing through her broad helmet and the plastic creaking of her thin-walled servi-suit.

For ages, she walked through that wretched empty place, without hope. No one knew she was here. There was no reason for anyone to be here; her long, listless journey to understand the great black void sent her crashing into a dead pink planet.

She’d hoped to overturn inspiration, to wrench meaning from space, to hear the songs of distant stars. Instead, she would die alone, only to be buried through slow centuries beneath ugly pastel sand.

She fell so deeply into herself, she nearly missed the golden runes glittering in the weak light of a faraway star. An electric shock of sudden discovery flashed through her chest. The monotone reality around her, made it difficult to discern anything but muddy pinks. After too many skipped heartbeats she could see the outline of a small, round portal beneath a bold, yellow, and alien glyph.

The door crumbled beneath her tentative touch though she did not remember reaching for it. Brilliant seascape blues and soft neon greens beckoned in the corridor before her. Vibrant living reds and deep midnight purples were promised somewhere towards the hallway’s branching end. Her black eyes grew wet and wide. Her full lips parted into an unfamiliar smile.

She stepped forward into unknown reaches, teaming with living lights.

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