Thursday, May 14, 2015

14 minutes

The cursor flashed metronomic, waiting for input.

I don’t know what to say…
Posted 11:02 pm
I’m leaving, your staying what else is there
Posted 11:06pm
We’ve never met but you know so much.
Posted 11:07 pm
We’ve shared soo much why?
Posted 11:07 pm
How can you just walk away!
Posted 11:08 pm
look this means a lot to me I think you should know that but my husband just doesn’t understand. I hate to stop this way but I have to.
Posted 11:11 pm
that prick doesn’t deserve you
Posted 11:12 pm
Posted 11:12 pm
fuck it is completely unfair… that he can hurt me like this, us like this, how can you, goddamnit
Posted 11:13 pm
i love you
Posted 11:13 pm
I love you too. goodby
Posted 11:16 pm

The cursor flashed like the fleeting echo of an empty heart.

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