Thursday, April 16, 2015

excerpt from xenothropes’ _of the tuskmen_

“...Blood is the only payment.

He who lives and he who dies both have bought this.

See that even the boar charges from the underbrush.

Bleed upon the thorn and so may you buy the berry.

Even the strong must strike wisely.

The trout is swift and the bear is strong. Both are built for their place.

Earn your offspring, or you and they will know great pain.

Look to the great cats: hidden, swift, and strong.

Suffer no weakness, or all must be weakened.

Love is blood bought.

Translator's notes:
These sayings were drawn from a large number of disparate Tuskmen tribes.
In most Tuskmen tongues, the word for buy and earn are the same and carry the same meaning. Amongst some tribes the word for blood/life is freely substituted for buy/earn. The translator in most cases has simply chosen the specific terms for poetic effect. And finally Tuskmen do not have gendered pronouns or honorifics.”

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