Thursday, April 9, 2015

a surprise for tired eyes

Her tired brown eyes slowly strayed to a furtive browser window, parked strategically in the bottom left corner of the company’s third-rate monitor. She kept yawning suddenly, and blinking slowly. The espresso was wearing off, and anyway it was a poor replacement for sleep.

Kendra clicked through to her personal email, glancing past her cubical walls out of habit. The coast was clear. Her fingers danced across the keyboard as she fought through a yawn. She tilted her head into her hand.

There it was, nestled between piles of unimportant facebook notifications. It was a long glowing moment as reality slowly dawned on Kendra.

Her head snapped up, and her eyes grew wide. She drew three fast breathes and almost shouted. A wide open grin planted itself on her lips, behind her hands.

There it was in the subject line, a shining new reality. It read simply: Sales Notification.
Somebody had bought one, she realized in smiling disbelief.

She’d gone pro. Somebody paid money for her work, for her ideas. Somebody paid for that thing she’d conceived of and created.

It would prove to be the most rewarding 10 dollars she would ever earn.

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