Friday, April 24, 2015

a dialogue between a box and a pointy box

{} = “The past must be destroyed, burned away… misremembered at the very least.

“Strive always for the new. Set fire behind you and rocket to the future. Dance as an enfant terriblé; wreck the world around you. Inside the sound you have not found is the only music. Accept nothing that is forced upon you, not even history. Accept no tradition; allow none to be bred from your words. Fuck the burning heroes. We need the next phoenix more.”

[] = “The most important lesson one can learn from history is that men do not learn from history.”

{}= “Quotes are bullshit. Don’t make that fuckin’ face; I know it’s paraphrased.”

[] = “Even to set history ablaze, you have to know it well enough to start the fire. Rejecting the past requires knowing the past. To reject it without knowing it is hollow, a completely wasted effort. If you’re looking for the truth, seeking the superlative, look in all directions.”

{} = “If the godsdamed past had a better method, it would still be the fucking method!”

[] = “Because individuals and societies never make suboptimal decisions. Nothing ever gets worse. Cultures never move in bad directions…”

{} = “Point.”

[] = “Thanks.

“Look, progress can make leaps and bounds, but more often it takes baby-steps (if it moves ahead at all). Innovation is paramount; it really is. However, nothing is born of a void.

“Progress is a progression. Sometimes the greatest achievement comes from stark, unprecedented invention. More often than not, it’s a tiny improvement brought about by years of observation of established practices. Also, consider combinations of new ideas and old materials or old ideas and new materials, these mergers can create unboundedly new potentials.”

{} = “Fine. I guess. But you still hold far too much reverence for the past. Know the past so you can reject all the bullshit (which is most of it), but don’t get stuck on it. Look ahead. Ahead is all we got. The future is all that’s coming, focus on the one you can still change.”

[] = “That’s not an entirely unreasonable thing to say.”

{} = “Yah.”

[] = “The sad fact is all we will really ever have is the present.”

{} = “So what have we accomplished here? What can we accomplish here?”

[] = “Nothing, I suppose… but let it be a beautiful nothing.”

{} = “So long as it burns…”

[] = *sigh*

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