Sunday, March 1, 2015

cormorous time unbounded

“The cold hand outside my door… waiting waiting  waiting. Reptillian.

“What does it know?

“It’s black, black behind my eyes. Can’t see behind. Moving forward, aft, and yaw. I can’t remember the future as well, but there I will sit. Sat. There I sat, tomorrow. I won’t remember then, because I fell back now, first. Next year, I’ll know again.


“Outside my window, the rain will be here again, tomorrow. Cold and wet and unceasing, it will fall pit, pat, splat.

“Why am I slipping? Why do I fall back? It is so confusing. Why does it follow me?

“No. NO. NO! Slipping…

“Shifting away. When is it, now? When will it be?

“Will that thing be there? It is all legs and teeth.

“Sometimes it hurts, especially when I fall ahead. It’s clearer up there, but my mistakes all pounce at once. It’s hard to do well when you don’t know when any more.

“Moving TOO far ahead! THE YELLOW EYE!

“The yellow eye is nearly upon us…”

-- Patient Transcript, 3/17/98

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