Monday, February 16, 2015

twelve hastily written poems

(So this is a copy and past job from the RPG blog, but on this the Creative Writting blog, I'll give you a bit more on my method.

Rules for mimicking a hastily written poem:
1- Hastily write the poem while distracted. [I wrote these furtively at work.]
2- No editing. When pressing enter to go to the next line, that line is irrevocably finished. [I broke this rule. One mini-poem was immeasurably improved by doing so... I regret nothing.]
3- When in doubt, just go with similar sounds and see what happens. [Not every dead person in a cave or magical forest needs to be a great poet.])

The Poems:

The walls press in, like blunt knives,
I press past the corpses of so many wasted lives.

Honey-like, a kiss
Slip me past your waiting lips
Swallow me and make me whole

Broken, Blinking Tokens
Giving up on hopin'

I miss her, her bright brown eyes.
I made a poor choice,
When I gave my Drunken Voice,
Now in this deep black bloody cave, I die.

Feather, weather-blown
Whether ever found,
Nothing can be known.

Break Blight Bleak Blood,
Warm Wet Flesh Pressed.

This ship it floats
I hate this boat
Black endless sea
A turtle's life for me
Beneath the waves, I sleep

Open Wide, Wild Green Eyes
Force past Breath, Leaving teaming streets,
Walk away quickly on soft fleet feet.

Slap sleep slip
Dip drink drab
Swell Fell Dale
Bell Well Grell

Sweat Sweet Promenade
Living such life as the baud

Heavy Heavy weight above my head
Like chains upon my soul
My Candle fight Dark Dread

The cold wind blows
What the hot smile knows

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