Tuesday, February 10, 2015

punk rock!

It crashes through, beginning in so many different ways:

  • slowly fading in, it can build to a raging crescendo 
  • exploding suddenly outward in raw and incredible honesty
  • swinging back and forth between driving tension and sweet slow release. 

It is honesty made manifest. Calling forth a deep and awesome rage, it demands your attention. It bleeds on the floor and smiles. It is ethical violence driven through guitars. It burns through bullshit, annihilates shallow certainty, and will allow no untested avenues.

It is flippant and sincere. It questions as it screams. It is power reclaimed and authority ignored. Authority is unimportant. Brutal honesty is everything.

It is three chord riffs and chanting choruses. It’s pop hooks and hard messages. Sometimes, it is synthesizers and the important sound of things falling apart.

Things fall apart. This is the breaking sound of faith in the normative. It is the sound of screaming “Fuck You” in the stage darkness everyone else seems to prefer. It is the voice of the unflinching eyes watching the horrors of the world. It is a sonic fistfight.

It is the denigration, destruction, and perpetual rebirth of rock and roll. It will never stop kicking. You can’t kill rock and roll, motherfuckers.

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