Wednesday, February 25, 2015

obviously i do not know how to properly format screenplays

Scene Opens with a push-in onto a bulky, tan colored monitor running Windows 95. Window in the forefront is an Internet Relayed Chat in Netscape Navigator circa 1998, Green text on a black background. All dialogue in this scene occurs in text within this window.

Dude,,. I mean have you ever really thought about it. like really thought about ti? I mean what if we like never invented shoes. Like what if thtat werent ever a thing. like what would that bee like????? I mean It’d belike wow, better I hink.

How drunk are you steve? Like what the fuck are you on?

Cursor blinks for a very long time.



Fade to black. Push back into shot of computer, lighting shift to nighttime.

            I may have found some mushrooms.

Smash cut to dancing bears. Fade to Black.

End Scene.

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