Tuesday, February 24, 2015

best wishes, adieu

Gerry stood in the New Mexico heat, reading aloud the elegant English script off of a Grecian styled amphora.

Welcome, gentlemen. I have been expecting you, and made appropriate arrangements to ensure you an interesting journey through my little abode. I do so hope the riches contained herein have not been exaggerated to you three fine young lads.
Best Wishes
-          J. G.”

Tim, Jon, and Gerry squinted nervously at each. The sun continued to exert its pressure from above. The closed and ornately carved rosewood door, set into the sandstone ridge before them, continued to exude pulses of frigid cold.

“Okay. Fuck that, fellas. I said I was done with that spooky shit last time!” Gerry declared and hurled the heavy amphora to the stony ground.

While Tim and Gerry descended the twisting trail, Jon knelt down in the shade of the doorway. A flash of white amongst the black and orange remnants had caught his eye. He carefully pulled a fragment from the shadowed pile and into the light of day.

His eyes grew wide. Jon tossed the shard away like a hot coal and ran off to join the other two.

Inlaid in silver, on the inside of the long and elegant neck, it read, “Adieu, Jonny!”

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