Thursday, January 15, 2015

the frog and the scorpion and the river of time| part 2

…Many wet creatures were struck down by the Unblinking Sun, curling and hardening in the heat.

Finally, and after much needless loss, it came to pass that the Frog King surprised the First Scorpion in her ceaseless seeking. Frog and Scorpion stared at one another across the hot, red rocks, and each recognized a likeness in the other, a kinship of quintessence.

Scorpion spoke swiftly and on many subjects as the many minds in her body vied to be heard. Frog listened, well and gladly, and told the Scorpion of the wide world beyond the Unblinking Sun. As he croaked out his friendship to her, rain shuddered from the skies and the Empty Desert was filled blooms.

Then did the Frog King lament the needless loss of so many of his teaming company.

No longer lonely, Scorpion went forth and touched the hard, dry bodies of the lizards, toads, tortoises, and more, strewn in the wake of the wet march. She sent into them the shards from each of her feet and claws.

The once wet creatures then sprang forth into new life.

Only the sad shard in her stinger remained unused, unheard, and forgotten. The poison within grew.
After this, Frog and Scorpion talked of many things and each walked in the other’s world, ‘til they tired of both the Wet and the Dry.

So, they wandered further. They went to the Mountains and the High Wood and learned of the Eagle and the Wolf. They went to many, many places. They learned many secrets. They fearlessly faced many foul things. They spoke and listened and laughed.

Only the sad shard in Scorpion’s stinger remained unused, unheard, and forgotten. The poison within grew.

At long last, the two of them came to The Edge and stood beside the River of Time, which binds the world into place. The two them conspired to cross it that they might learn what lay beyond the bounds of Time. Only the sad shard, still in Scorpion’s stinger, dissented. The sad shard was this time heard. The sad shard, nevertheless, was dismissed and disregarded.

The poison within swelled and waxed overfull.

The First Scorpion crawled upon the Frog King’s back. They pierced into the cold currents of relentless time. They pressed both forwards and backwards and learned much and altered little.

At last, when Frog and Scorpion were at the deepest, darkest, and swiftest point, just before the currents flowed into Eternity, the sad shard in Scorpion’s stinger struck!

The Frog King cried as he died, “Why, my Friend?! You will drown.”

And the First Scorpion lamented, “Was it my Nature?”

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