Wednesday, January 21, 2015

kobold proverbs

Survival is the art of perfect patience and the readiness for instant movement.

The shadows are your safety.

If you are not touching it, you do not own it.

You can still see the glittering beauty of the world from a dung heap.

Blessings of the moment are to be enjoyed with savage vigor; they will soon rot through to ruin.

You are weak; you must be clever.

You are small; you must be quick.

Cleverness is more reliable but less available than quickness.

The finest armor is an unseen hole.

The finest weapon is a well hidden pit.

The finest treasures are glittering memories.

The world is a flooding cave; strong attachments will drown you.

There is time for mourning when you are safe and alone in the dark.

Whisper only the truth to your children. Soft words will kill them.

Children flee first.

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