Saturday, January 24, 2015

february fucks you

It’s only 28 days ‘til February fucks you.
It’s only 28 days ‘til the rent is due again anew.
Life multiplies by far too many layers.
Tired seconds pass away like promised favors.
It takes so much to hold your head above the water.
After so many, false | starts, missed second chances hardly matter.
Time wastes, rage lingers, and we falter.
Too many trials past due, in too many directions.
Each hard won smile is a blessing and a burden.
‘Til each evening emerges with the closing of stage curtains.
Tucked away and silent safe, we can remember
Lessons learned on quiet feet in young Decembers,
Certain hidden secrets were then discovered.
Through scores of lies and drinks and squandered wages
Through waves of pain and loss and learned rages
Through second chances and last rites and unremembered,
I stand stooped but am held in either hand.
Here at the ending new, the present,

At least, still here, I stand.

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