Saturday, January 17, 2015

burglar's tools

It had been so easy. She couldn’t help but smile as she turned her rented sedan leisurely down 6th street. Most heists actually were.

Glenda’s standard toolkit for corporate espionage consisted of the following:
1. A smart looking business suit, slightly out of fashion, usually with a skirt.
2. A padfolio or clipboard, officious looking check-lists, and several pens.
3. A handful of business cards home printed on nice cardstock, but always slightly fewer than she would have needed.
4. A lie about an inventory or security changes.
5. Confidence, a rushed and put-upon demeanor, and a ready smile.
6. A well-worn ID Badge, though not as often as you might think.
7. An email address from almost the same domain name as the company she was robbing, also not as often as you might think.

That was all it had taken in 38 out of 42 jobs. It really was a simple gig. It paid surprisingly well, too.

Glenda giggled as she turned down Alabama Ave. The Head of Security had actually helped her to the car, carrying a file box heavy with confidential bid proposals for some really juicy government contracts. The best part was this company had already swiped the bids of six or seven other parties. 

Glenda would soon be accepting some bids herself.

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