Wednesday, December 17, 2014

victory walk

Victory was quieter than he’d imagined. Well, strictly, speaking it wasn’t something he’d imagined as possible. Sam kept trying at it anyway.

The walk to the coffee shop was pretty much the same. The same sorts of people were out and about. The same damn pigeons shitting on everything. The same bored barista half listening to orders and empty pleasantries. The sun was shining, which wasn’t everyday there but not, you know, uncommon either.

He could understand feeling so empty if he’d cheated. He hadn’t. He’d pulled it off fair and square. He’d set out to show those sons of bitches, and by-god he’d done just that. He’d raked in accolades and congratulations and took that smirk right off Johnson’s stupid fucking face.

He impressed everyone. He had friends in high places now. He’d spited those against him. He’d won in the eyes of everyone around him. Bully for him, I guess.

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