Friday, December 12, 2014

tv rainbow

Scorching hot acrid smoke filled my lungs. I held on to it for as long as I possibly could. Then I took a breath and took another pull. Desperation, I guess it was, to break through the mundane, to shatter the world around me, and also curious to see a new wave of distortions.

It came on too strong; it always does. However, it always takes just long enough that you’re certain you need more. Sigh…

The garish colors of the poorly produced satire on the tiny television started spreading. The light stretched outwards like cartoon cellophane. It leached forth, spilling it’s insanity onto the spread of reality, ruining the good credibility of my vision. That was the point I guess.

I was sliding down the sofa, and near to losing my shit entirely. I had to say something funny. I needed to seed that evening with a ridiculous narrative. I would force this memory into dozens of stories told at dive bars and house-parties and the like.

“That TV rainbow is so. fucking. metal.”

I barely managed to spit it out before my words became true. That TV rainbow got really, really fucking metal after that.

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