Saturday, December 27, 2014

tin shack, rusted part 2

Another impossible maze, how many of these godsdamned places featured impossible mazes?

Rutherford tried to run his hand through his dark brown hair; he stopped when his fingers met the stiff resistance of dried frog slime. They had stayed out in the heat for another hour while Sandra Ellen meticulously copied down the snake map. He had memorized all the turns to get to each of the blood puddles, which he assumed were rooms while she remained unconscious. That wasn’t good enough though.

The place was lit. That was nice for a change. However the lack of an obvious light source was a bit disconcerting. The tops of the corrugated tin maze remained hidden in shadows. Rutherford picked up a stone they must’ve kicked in with them and tried to toss it over the walls. It went up nearly twenty feet before it crashed into the wall. The light source, whatever that was traveled with the object, but they still hadn’t seen the top.

Sandra was glaring at him. He ignored her and knelt on the loose, cold dirt floor. Using his knife, Rutherford pried back a corner of the tin walls at a poorly matched seem. He found another layer of tin, the seams slightly offset. Behind that he found more of the same.

“Well we’re gonna have to play by the rules on this one, Sandy,” he said with a wink and headed down the hallway. “Right, Right, Straight, Left, Right to the first blood puddle. Am I right?”

Sandra pointedly consulted her map, but an irritated huff gave him all the conformation he needed.

They headed deeper into the timber and tin labyrinth, awaiting the inevitable Minotaur.

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