Monday, December 22, 2014

knowledge part 1 of 2: dear dahlia

  Dearest Dahlia,

I write this in haste. Apologies, for you deserve much more than I have the time. Please my dearest treasure, know that I love you. Know that our nights together are amongst the most meaningful remembrances of all my days.
Know too, dear one, that I must proceed with what I have started. The preparations have all been made. The time is nigh. The device is completed.
I have solved it! I can see the scales even now. Well, I can near enough see them. There is still the mystery of the mailbox and the absence of the color red.
Nevertheless, I have cracked it on both accounts. It was that final image of the scales, only in the first patient’s dream that solved it. The two dreams are the same thing; each the obverse side of the other. The Explorer heading into the earth and the Serpent which is Not a Serpent heading upwards from its stygian depths.
They are scales, my dear! Opposite sides of the same set of scales! As surely as one rises the other must descend. I would prefer to lay the onus of impetus upon the human element; however, I am beginning to think the Serpet the actor and all of us reactionary waves.
As far as the colors are concerned, it was a chance meeting at my old alma mater which set things straight. Dr. Geller, a professor of theoretical physics, and I spoke of the correspondence of frequency between color and sound. Color and Sound! Kinetic Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation! Of course!
The device is now completed.
I must confess, My Dearest Dahlia, that I was forced to make acquaintances with a most unsavory crowd to attain many of the articles necessary for my endeavor. I will be glad to be done with them. I will be glad to be done with all of this.
But I must proceed. I cannot leave this path uncharted. I must know the truth.
I do not believe the old stories. I refuse to believe that a serpent cursed us with knowledge. I refuse to believe that knowledge is the downfall of man.
Know that I love you more than any other being.

With Love Everlasting,

Patient Report and Continuing Assessment pg. 4

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