Tuesday, December 2, 2014

it always floats to the surface

It was like a popping grape, Crain decided. Like a thick skinned grape bursting between your teeth. Except this didn’t echo in his jawbone. He could sure feel it in his orbital bone though. That was strange. He’d be freaking the fuck out if it weren’t for the Doc’s good stuff.

Scalpels in your eye are disconcerting, yo. Even if they’re under the control of precision robots, that shit is seriously unnerving. Crain smiled.

Well Crain would’ve if his whole damned face wasn’t numbed. He’d waited years for this. He’d spent a fortune and danced a dangerous line for a long damn time. Here he was. It was really happening.

Crain looked at the orange light, then the blue, then the yellow. He did just as he was instructed.

Soon his bad eyes and shit complexion and sunken cheeks and weak limbs wouldn’t be a burden anymore. After he finished the eyes, the Doc’d turn that juice up. Crain was gonna wake up a better man.

The needle dropped its load. He felt the thing unfurl inside his eye. Weird.

As the gas kicked into high gear, he heard someone shouting. It might have concerned him more, but the Doc used the seriously good shit.

“Cease and Desist IMEDIATELY by order of the Parity Commission!”

“You don’t understand! I can’t end this mid procedure…”

Crain didn’t know anything for a while. He woke up in blinding pain. His face was covered in dry blood.

It took him a long time to see. His right eye zoomed in microscopically, every fucking time he tried to focus on anything. The left was myopically blurred and swollen nearly shut.

The place was trashed. The Doc was gone. The pigs had smashed or “confiscated” everything of value. All that shit’d soon float back to surface. It’d float right up to the streets.

They’d missed where Doc hid the money, though. Crain didn’t. He got his scratch back and a whole lot more. Crain stumbled around ‘til he found a smoke in the debris with some kick left in it. He sucked it dry.

With a big damned band-aid for an eyepatch, a thin and ungainly shadow shambled out into the dim and dusty street. It was time for a drink.

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