Saturday, December 13, 2014

footnotes from a parallel history book

17. It is interesting to note that prior to the First Interplanetary War, Christianity was by far the dominate religion in the Western world. Mystery Cults, unlike today, faced persecution at every turn and were thus quite secretive. Many historians (see Halethorpe and Munster in the annotated bibliography) theorize that without the well-distributed cell structures of these Cults in place, humanity may well have lost the War.
18.  Kaiser 1978, 61-7.
19. Brendan Killian has argued extensively that Gnomes, Aelf-types, and other Fey Kindred played a significantly smaller part in the War than earlier historiography assumed. This is based in part on a meta-analysis of primary sources and newer more genetically sound population models. See Bibliography.
20.  Barkley 1989 , 124-89
21. Ibid., 195.
22. Though there were several more Mystery Cults of some significance beyond those of The Falsehood Who Brings Truth and The Owl Headed Serpent, few others survived the war. The thaumaturgical potential of these cults is still hotly debated.

23. “Praise be to the Twisted Serpent of the Unforgotten Lost. She sees all and nothing. His great unblinking eye both sleeps and is awake…” another translation of the words that helped to end the War.

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