Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The entirety of his field of vision was a riot of unearthly blues. It took a long time for Jose’s mind to understand the place that surrounded him. A land of lapis lazuli, robin’s eggs, sapphires, and desert skies stretched out to the indigo horizon.

Jose alternated between long shocked stares, franticly glancing about, and blinking in bewilderment. He had no idea how long he stood there before the reality of the place dawned on him. It was absolutely mundane.

Aside from being blue, he might as well have been back in Arizona. The cactus in front of him was an unfamiliar species, but was not dissimilar to any number of cacti on his father’s back 40. The shimmering canary blue bird circling above wasn’t a blue vulture, but it wasn’t far off really.

Evidently the gnome hadn’t lied to him. The bar of platinum in Jose’s hand shone with an unusual brilliance as did the red-brown dust on his jeans, the ecru cloth of his shirt, even the flesh of his hand looked harsh and out of place here.

He was beginning to get a bit dizzy. Maybe the tequila hadn’t been the best idea. Maybe none of this was a great idea.

As it turned out, even his vomit shimmered with vigorous glaring contradiction in this place. Wiping his mouth, his eyes finally adjusted enough to differentiate trails of dust heading away from him.

Jose’s incongruously brown eyes widened. He realized what he would do if he saw a blue man suddenly materialized in front of him. He’d round up a posse. Maybe this wasn’t a great idea.

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